Monday, July 12, 2010

Rick had an early morning kind of appointment to meet with someone who is a potential job contact. He got up early and got ready and went out and the new car wouldn't start. Can you believe it? Yeah, I could! We knew that it had intermittent battery problems but on the first day, anyway he got the car jumped, looked for the problem, but couldn't find it Then he took the car over to the gentlemen from church who said he would help with the air conditioning. The good news... we did get the air conditioning fixed and at a minimal cost. So we have a really cool car that might or might not start. Actually, that's not completely true, because then Rick went out and bought a part for the broken battery charger that was in the car, so he can get it started where ever he is, unfortunately that was a tad bit expensive.

He did send off another resume today and he will try to make his early morning meeting again tomorrow. We keep at it, but I have to admit I really feel discouraged. I don't know what we are doing wrong, or even if we are doing something wrong but we are running out of money and there is still no job.

I do know better than to give in to discouragement. Must keep praying. Maybe pray harder. Maybe ask for more.

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