Friday, July 23, 2010

It's only Friday morning, so maybe I'll have to post twice today (wanna bet that doesn't happen) but I have so many exciting things to report that I don't want to wait. First, the non-exciting news, I was really sick yesterday. I woke up at about 3 in the morning with an incredible gut ache, started vomiting and that continued about ever 2 hours until around 11, then I had the worst headache. So bad that I could barely pick my head up off the pillow. The gut ache continued, but no more vomiting. I was miserable. Rick was beside himself and making me nuts trying to help. When I'm that sick either shoot me or leave me alone. I am not a good patient. The missionary couple came over in the afternoon because they left their keys here the day before and Elder Babcock and Rick gave me a blessing. From that point on I did start to feel a little better, but the gut ache wasn't completely gone until about 9 that night and the headache, although lessening was there until this morning. Today I feel weak and sluggish but much better. Aren't you glad you asked.

Now the good news. Yesterday Rick talked to the engineer from St Thomas about the job (temporary for about 2 - 3 months) and he basically told him that he got it. They won't sign a contract for another week or two (the standard time frame around here "another week or two) but he can start getting paid from that point on. This job is contract and only temporary but it really pays quite a bit of money. Also, if the job with the Landmark Society comes through they will work with this and Rick could do both. This is the option we are really hoping for. It will be a little crazy for a few months but it will help us to catch up. At least we have a job ( in a week or two that is).

Next item on the agenda is a car. The fellow who owns the Durango has vaporized(in other words he is not calling us back, which gives us no confidence that he intends to fix the car). We will have to get it moved out of here as the condo only has one slot per unit for parking. We have loan of a truck for the next week, from another Branch member who will be off island, but with this job and all, we really have to do something more permanent. We have faced the fact that we have to buy a car and we have actually a very good prospect of a nice a car that has been well maintained but the $$$ are still a problem. We are unable to procure a bank loan, primarily because we have not started work yet and we still have a loan on the Honda in the states that has not sold yet. When the Honda sells we don't expect any money to speak of, but we will be out from under the loan. Rick has started talking to some friends stateside who might have the means to give us a personal loan for a car. We would pay interest and make monthly payments and all, it just needs to be someone who knows and trusts us.

Also, trying to sell our piano and freezer. Hopefully we can get our asking price for these two items as this money will tide us over until we can start collecting a paycheck. It's amazing how the intricate pieces of the puzzle need to fit together here. I was wondering why we couldn't sell that piano before we left, but maybe the reason is that we would have already spent that money and we really need it now.

Can't help but feel, even in the midst of all of this, that we are being extremely blessed. Every morning when I wake up, roll over and look out the window, I am astounded as the beauty. Every time some one offers to help us (and these are people who have know us for less than 2 months) I am humbled. I truly hope I can remember all of this and pay it forward.

Must keep praying. Praying for that which we need, praying for others who have been so kind and helpful to us and praying for all the afflicted, especially those in our circle of friends and family.

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