Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Looks kind of like I'm starting a new pattern here, of blogging in the morning instead of at night. It's probably safer to write at night and remember the important things of the day, but last night I was too tired and then I'm just filling up space with inane things. Anyway......

Nice day yesterday, beautiful weather, the tropical waves have abated for awhile, so it's clear and sunshine with a nice breeze and not too much humidity. Perfect, but then: paradise, remember. I'm starting to dread the thought of ever being cold again. Isn't that strange? I remember when we lived in Florida, over 20 years ago, I used to long to be cold, thinking that I could just add more layers and get warm. Maybe my dread of the cold has to do with the fact that last winter in Idaho, I couldn't seem to get warm, no matter what I did. Well I'm nice and warm now and I don't particularly want to give that up. Patterns.

Rick and I are finding ourselves falling into a routine that is pretty dependent upon each other. We are, for the most part, together all the time. I guess it's kind of like being retired, without any income. Like I said the other day, we are both anxious for him to start work, but then it will be another adjustment for both of us to not be as "close". We will have to set a different pattern.

Well time to get on with the day, it's almost 9:30am here. Hopefully this will be contract signing day. I need to finish cleaning my house and get working on Kyani. Rick has started working to get the Kyani business up and running here in the VI. There certainly is a need for both the products (I have never seen a place with such a high concentration of diabetes) and the ability to have another income stream without having to put in all the extra hours (many people here work upwards of 3 jobs to make ends meet). We know Kyani can help on both counts, just have to get out there and spread the word.

Keep praying for all.

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