Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's Sunday morning, I tried to get onto the blog last night and either it wouldn't let me or it was just incredibly slow(don't know which because I didn't have the patience to wait). Spent Saturday on the couch, I think the stress is getting to me a little bit, my stomach(the major receptacle of my stress) was really out of sorts. It was a rainy cloudy day, so it really was a good day to spend on the couch, did a lot of reading and sleeping.

Later in the afternoon Rick decided that we needed to do something to find a ride to church on Sunday. I called a sister that I met briefly at the 4th of July picnic, primarily because she lives near us, but secondly because she doesn't come out to church; to see if I could encourage her to come and give us a ride. I found out that on Saturday she works the 10pm to 6 am shift at the casino, and that's why she doesn't come to church, but she offered to come by when she got off work and if we could take her home we could have her car for the day. She will call when she get up later in the day and we can take the car back then. Another tender mercy from the Lord. These people have been so good to us.

We did get some more good news yesterday. Rachel called and she bought plane tickets to come for a visit. So far they only have tickets to come and not to go home, hope that's a good thing for all(just kidding). We really are excited to see them and have them see where we live and enjoy the island. Hope the weather is good for their stay. The plan is for Don to stay a week and Rachel and Macy will stay for two. They will be here the evening of August 13th.

Also, we did finally speak to Rachel on Friday night, it seems that Rick never put the phone back on call forward, so she had been calling and couldn't get through. Anyway, the new baby is a girl. Macy is real excited because she really wanted a sister, Rachel was a little disappointed, she feels that they probably won't have more than the two children and she really wanted the opportunity to raise a boy. When I talked to her on Saturday she seemed to be over her disappointment and is working on girls names. Rick and I are just glad that Rachel is healthy and the baby is doing well also.

Need to go get ready for church. Seriously need to get the spiritual batteries charged for the week ahead. Keep praying for a job and a vehicle.

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