Saturday, July 24, 2010

I was actually going to post again last night (just cause I said I wouldn't) and I couldn't get onto the net, sometimes it just doesn't want to work. Oh well maybe I wasn't supposed to be on anyway, or maybe I just wasn't supposed to be so contrary, by posting just cause I said I wasn't going to.

Friday afternoon turned out to be a really good day. I was moving kind of slow of most of the day, but felt better and better as the day went on. Rick got a call from the guy with the job and they might be signing the contract as soon as the first of next week. We really have a job, it is so exciting. Probably won't see a paycheck for two or three weeks, but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel. If we can sell our freezer and piano, back in Idaho, we'll be OK. If we don't sell them we'll probably squeal by anyway. But the good news is we have a job.

Spent most of the day Saturday cleaning. I'm still moving a little slow, primarily because today my lower back really hurts and also in this climate you just don't rush through any physical activity. It's all in knowing how to pace yourself. Of course I was dripping wet before I took a break. Then we had a nice dip in the pool and went grocery shopping, one of my least favorite things to do. Unfortunately, I still like to eat, so grocery shopping is a necessary evil.

During one of my many cleaning breaks, I read a talk in the Ensign on Patience. It was really good and put a lot of things in perspective for me. I know that I need to develop more patience but I never though of patience as a righteous endeavour. I know that so much of what we are impatient for is really trivial in the grand scoop of things and that when things that we are impatient about finally do come to pass, it is so easy to see the importance of waiting or the importance of not having what we thought we wanted right away. It's just a different perspective. I really need to look at things with an "eternal perspective" and realize that sometimes things are just not ready to work out or maybe I'm not as ready for them to work out, as I think I am. I have to develop more faith and trust that Heavenly Father knows me and he knows my needs and He wants me to succeed in and attain my righteous desires. It is interesting to think of impatience as a lack of Faith.

I must keep praying for an increase of faith and therefore an inexhaustible amount of patience.

I keep forgetting that I have some pictures to post, but I have to download them into the computer first. I promise I'll do it tomorrow.

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