Friday, July 16, 2010

Well this is the end of week 6 here on St. Croix, still paradise, still love it, still no job and now no car. The verdict on the car is not good. Told not to drive it. Contacted the owner and he is sending someone over to look at it(who knows when that will be) but since he told Rick today that he is out of work also, it doesn't look too promising that a quick fix is in the Durango's future. Anyway, that puts us back to square one on transportation, we have none.

Rick did have a very positive job interview today with the St. Croix Landmark Society, I mentioned this way back about 4 or 5 weeks ago when he first applied. I have probably referred to it as the museum job, with the Whim museum, he thought that the interview went really well. It seemed that the people liked him. They never talked about money. They told him they had a few more people to interview and they would make a decision in about 10 days. That's the third positive interview this week and all three of these jobs have a potential start date of 1 August. Got an email from the administrator of the secondary school today and she is still pushing the school to hire him for the teaching position(that starts 15 August). I guess we just have to be patient. Our Branch President was good enough to come over and take Rick to this interview and wait for him and bring him home again. What a great guy.

The missionaries came over for dinner tonight. They are two incredible young men. Unfortunately, they told us that they will be leaving St. Croix on Monday and we will not have Elders here on the island for a while. The Senior couple missionaries are staying, but the Elders will be gone. It's kind of sad, but I guess it's just motivation that the members need to do more missionary work ourselves.

Rachel was supposed to learn the sex of her baby today and she promised to call right away, we are anxiously waiting to hear. Hope she calls yet tonight.

We will keep praying for all good things, especially for our family.

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